About Us


SBC is a non-profit corporation devoted to developing baseball skills during the off-season through supervised instruction and practice in the cage and on Moller Field.  Our model depends upon volunteer coaches and parents so we can dedicate all dues and fundraising revenue toward facilities maintenance and equipment needs.  Long term, we would like to fundraise and work with our community to maintain and improve the cage, stadium and baseball field at Upper Moller.  We also host clinics, bring in coaches with professional and college baseball playing experience, and facilitate opportunities to develop and gain exposure on travel teams for those who wish to take their game to the next level.

Our organization has developed relationships with professional scouts and select travel team coaches operating in Alaska and can provide insight for parents having to navigate the recruiting process and how to put their kids in the best position to achieve their goals of playing at the next level.

Instruction Philosophy

All of our coaches are asked to adopt an “open mindset” approach to teaching hitting fundamentals.  We embrace new ways to try and achieve measurable results.  We teach swings that consistently hit balls hard on a line to the top of the L screen or back of the cage.

We do this by teaching proper rhythm, timing, swing mechanics, and the mental approach required to consistently square up pitches in all zones.  While we start with a breakdown of archetypal swing mechanics (1-Load, 2-Slot, 3-Contact, 4-Finish) we want to enhance athleticism by focusing on objective exit velocity and targets located gap to gap at the top of the cage.   We use the tee, flips or toss, pitching machines and live arms.  Our goal is to help the player become their own best coach, with a high baseball IQ, so they can make their own physical and mental adjustments before, during and after an at bat.  Instruction will not be limited to hitting and will incorporate defensive drills, catcher and pitching instruction and live bullpens (weather permitting) in the cage and on Moller Field.


SBC has general liability insurance coverage through K&K Insurance that provides excess coverage.   All members will have to show proof of their own insurance coverage.  Any claims will first process through the member’s medical insurance and K&K will cover any excess under the policy terms, up to $100,000.   SLL insurance is active year round.