About Us



SBC is an association devoted to developing baseball skills during the off-season through supervised instruction and practice in the cage and on Moller Field.  Our model depends upon volunteer coaches and parents so we can dedicate all dues and punch card revenue toward facilities maintenance and equipment needs.  Long term, we would like to fundraise and work with our community to construct an indoor field house, and possibly organize international baseball travel opportunities for our Sitka youth members.  We will be asking Sitka Little League to separately account for all SBC dues and fees for these purposes.


Instruction Philosophy

SBC will emphasize line drive hitting fundamentals, by teaching proper rhythm, timing, swing mechanics, and the mental approach required to square up pitches in all zones.  While we start with a breakdown of archetypal swing mechanics (1-Load, 2-Slot, 3-Contact, 4-Finish) we want to enhance  athleticism by focusing on objective exit velocity and location targets using the tee, toss, pitching machines and live arms.  Our goal is to help the player become their own best coach, with an ability to process feedback from a variety of sources, so they can make their own adjustments before, during and after an at bat.  Instruction will not be limited to hitting and will try to incorporate defensive drills, catcher and pitching instruction and drills (weather permitting) in the cage and on Moller Field.



SBC is currently organized to function under the umbrella of Sitka Little League (SLL) to perform off-season skills development for kids who participated in the Sitka Little League season.  We still accept older kids who have aged out of Little League and may not have registered this past season.  But those older kids will not have insurance coverage through Little League.  All notification and claim rules established by the Sitka Little League and Little League International insurance policy will apply to injuries that occur during SBC activities for the Little League registrants only.  SLL insurance is active through the end of the year in which the athlete enrolled in SLL.  So all Little League members are encouraged to early register for next season before the end of the year to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Parents of kids who have aged out of Little League are solely responsible for insurance coverage for their kids.