Author: Brandon Marx

Some More Hitting Lessons

This past weekend, Jamar Hill, of Gamers Baseball, in Anchorage, visited Sitka and worked with us for a day in the cage.  Jamar really emphasized swing plane.  To teach the proper swing plane, Jamar placed a batting screen directly behind the kids,

Your Member Dues at Work

New Front Toss L Screen As some of you know, the cage screen we had previously was in tatters and was a serious safety hazard.  So we made it a priority to replace the old screen with this front toss screen.  If

Common Hitting Misconceptions

Now that we have gotten started with our winter workout, I thought it might be helpful to address some common hitting flaws and myths or misconceptions about swing mechanics I have noticed over the years and have tried to address

Off Season Coaching Resources for Youth Baseball

American Baseball Coaches Association (ABCA) I first heard of the ABCA from my college coach who would attend the ABCA conference every year (Coach Steve Hertz, Gonzaga U.).  20 years later, I finally read an ABCA book called Baseball Strategies and smiled when